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What is the best way to explain something new? This is the question I asked myself when asked to explain Move•ment’s new Insight Scanning Technology. The technology itself is complicated, but let’s break it down so that we all understand how this new technology will help us level up you and your family’s health this year.

Insight Defined

Let’s start with the definition of insight, which is the capacity to gain an accurate and deep, intuitive understanding of a person or thing. This definition actually explains the technology rather well. Insight Scanning Technology allows us to gain an even more accurate and deep, intuitive understanding of the nervous system. More specifically, it allows us to understand your nervous system and how well it’s functioning. If there is dysfunction, Insight Scanning Technology shows us where it is and how severe it is.

The Chicken or the Egg?

Before breaking down each individual scan I think it’s important to explain the connection between chiropractic and the nervous system. Chiropractic is intimately involved with three body systems: the skeletal system, the muscle system, and the nervous system. All chiropractic techniques involve all three systems, so what differentiates one chiropractor from another is their method of assessment and their method of correction.

Which came first: the bone out of place (skeletal system dysfunction) or the muscle imbalance (muscle system dysfunction)? It’s like asking “which came first: the chicken or the egg?” It’s uncommon for one dysfunction to occur without the other, so I use a method of assessment and correction that’s nervous system focused instead. The nervous system is the missing link that provides clarity to this question. Bones can’t move by themselves and muscles can’t act on their own. Ultimately, the bone out of place and the muscle imbalance can only be the result of dysfunctional nerve supply.

The Power of Insight Scanning Technology

Insight Scanning Technology allows us to locate, measure, and ultimately address this dysfunctional nerve supply using three different scans: Electromyography (EMG), Thermography, and Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

  1. EMG asks the question: How efficiently is your body using energy? By using paraspinal energy expenditure testing, we are able to see how organized or disorganized your nervous system is. A disorganized nervous system is a confused nervous system, which is why it is common for there to be positive EMG findings in patients with any level of sensory dysfunction.
  2. Thermography asks the question: How efficiently is your body able to self-regulate? Paraspinal cutaneous temperature testing shows us where the body is not self-regulating the way that it should. Therefore, it is common for there to be positive thermography findings in regions of the body that are experiencing motor dysfunction.
  3. HRV asks the question: How well is your body able to adapt to stress? This test allows us to measure your autonomic activity and autonomic balance, which gives us insight to overall nervous system function. If your autonomic activity is lower than it should be, then your body will have a difficult time responding to stress in a normal and healthy way because it doesn’t have the necessary energy reserve in order to do so. When autonomic balance is achieved, your body is able to shift between sympathetic “fight or flight” mode and parasympathetic “rest and digest” mode as needed. An unbalanced nervous system doesn’t shift between these two modes effectively, decreasing overall nervous system function.

Insight scanning technology has changed the way we see and understand the body. It allows us to gain an even more accurate and deep intuitive understanding of the nervous system, which enhances our ability to care for you and your family.

If you are interested in making an appointment or have any questions, please contact us and our team will connect with you!


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