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Tuesday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday: 7:30 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday: 7:30 am – 2:00 pm

Massage Hours
Monday:  10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday: 12:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Wednesday: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


8421 Amber Hill Ct., Suite 2
Lincoln, NE 68526

Testimonials from Patients

Countless Benefits and Major Improvements

After four years of failed fertility treatments, a diagnosis of suspected endometriosis, and dealing with chronic stress, I decided it was time to help my body heal, recoup, and recover naturally. Dr. Elton and Dr. Peterson have been incredibly helpful and transformative with my health and mindset. Through nutrition, chiropractic care, and acupuncture, I’ve experienced countless benefits and major improvements. The entire team at Move•ment, from Dawn and Lucy at the front desk, to Dr. Elton and Dr. Peterson, are kind, compassionate, and dedicated to making patients feel welcome and well-cared for. I can’t recommend Move•ment enough! -Anna

Highlight of my Week

I first started seeing Dr. Elton in 2002. I have struggled with neck, back, and hip pain for a majority of my life. Dr. Elton is not only a great practitioner, but she is the most genuine and caring person you will ever meet. The authenticity and concern she shows me is invaluable. I have since started seeing Dr. Tierney who is equally phenomenal at her work as well as her bedside manner. Dr. Tierney has done blading for me for about a year now, and it is one of the few things that truly relieved pain for me. Dr. Tierney is always so kind and compassionate with me. The staff at Move•ment are top-notch – always friendly and caring. Coming here for an adjustment is always the highlight of my week. -Katie

My Biggest Supporters

[I am a] student at UNL and initially started coming in for nutrition with Dr. Elton. Dr. Elton and Dr. T are some of my biggest supporters and are so willing to help me with anything I have going on. I am so thankful to have found a great office with supportive staff. -Izzy

The Staff is a Delight

Dr. Tierney is a fantastic chiropractor. Friendly, kind, and caring – she really listens! Her method has helped my low back pain, numbness in legs/feet, headaches, shoulder tension, and more! Not to mention regular adjustments boost immunity, reduce stress, and ease the body. The entire staff is a delight! I also highly recommend a lovely massage from the amazing, Amber. You’ll sleep like a rock after. -Felicia

Reduced Pericardial and Visceral Fat

I’ve learned more about inflammation and carb reduction in the last few months than I have in 70 years of life. My cardiologist and GP are on board with this [functional medicine] program. I’ve lost 11 pounds of hard fat in just a few months. -Anne

I’m a Whole New Person

I was in my late 30s, but felt like I was 80. All my joints hurt constantly, going up and down stairs made my body hurt even more. I was overweight, didn’t sleep well, was dealing with constant stomach pain, and have 10+ bowel movements a day. Dr. Elton started me on a program and testing to find all the issues, and I’m a whole new person! She has encouraged me every step, listened to me, and changed my life for the better! I love coming into the office and consider all of the staff friends. -Kim

So Much Support at Move•ment

I’ve learned my body appreciates a monthly adjustment. Then when I had a knee replacement, Amber’s massages helped me correct a tight hip from years of overcompensation. After getting to know Dr. Elton and being on so many diets, I decided to try her SHAPE program. So much support at Move•ment. Highly recommend. -Janet

They Really Care

I have been in chiropractic care since I was 9 and it has made such a positive impact on how I physically feel. Every time I come in, I feel so welcomed by staff. They really care about you. -Hallie

Keeps Us Feeling Good

We are so thankful for Move•ment Chiropractic and Dr. Tierney! She has helped our whole family resolve some pain issues and keeps us feeling good! The office staff is so friendly and helpful, willing to help with any problems. We also love that Dr. Tierney looks at the person as a whole when evaluating any issues.Thank you to all the staff! -Amy and Family

Feeling Loose and Comfortable

After moving I had nagging upper back pain. It was so tight that I had trouble sleeping. Dr. Tierney worked with me giving me stretches to do. She didn’t give up on me when the tightness continued on and she continued to brainstorm treatments to help! Today I’m feeling much more loose and way more comfortable! -Shannon

Felt Better Ever Since

I work at a boutique where I am standing a lot and doing some heavy lifting. I started coming here to relieve the pressure in my back and have felt better ever since. -Cam