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You need to build a strong neurological foundation. Why?

Short answer: Stress. Stuck. On.

Long answer: The human body is designed to adapt to various life stressors, whether those stressors are physical, chemical, or emotional in nature. This ability to adapt, and ultimately heal, is coordinated by your nervous system.

When your body is experiencing stress, the sympathetic, fight-or-flight response is activated with the goal of eliminating that stress so the body can heal. Once the stressor is eliminated, your parasympathetic, rest, and digest branch of the nervous system can take over. But what does your body do if the stress isn’t removed? Rather than shifting gears to healing, your body stays in fight-or-flight mode. In other words, stress is stuck on.

In adults, it is the buildup of stuck on stress that ultimately leads to dysfunction throughout your body. This dysfunction can take various forms such as bodily pain that mysteriously appears overnight, or digestive problems that were once manageable but now aren’t.

In children, stress stuck on is even more problematic. Instead of focusing on growth and development, their bodies are locked in on survival, which means eating, sleeping, and pooping are not prioritized.

Which brings me back to my initial question: why do you need to build a strong neurological foundation? Because life is easier when stress isn’t stuck on. In order for you and your family to reach their God-given potential, stress can’t be stuck on.

At Move•ment, we treat to heal by uncovering the root cause, building a strong neurological foundation together, and setting you on a path to complete wellness.

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